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RFP Information (Regular & Mini-Grant)



The intent of this Request for Proposals and the resulting contract is to obtain The Division of Prevention and Community Partnerships of the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Prevention Reinvestment funding for Camden County. These funds are allocated to enhance the continuum of child abuse and neglect prevention support,

services, and approaches in Camden County. C.P.A.C. is authorized to conduct a Community Review Process through a Review Committee inclusive of community residents that will evaluate proposals and forward recommendations to the Camden County Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) and then the C.P.A.C. Board of Trustees for their approval. Organizations responding to this Request for Proposals should have extensive experience and knowledgeable background and qualifications in the provision of the services described herein.


With the guidance of the Community Planning and Advocacy Council (“C.P.A.C.”), the Camden County Board of Commissioners and the City of Camden has undertaken a Covenant for Children, Youth, and Families (“Covenant”). The Vision of the Covenant is that all children, youth, and families in Camden County and Camden City will have the resources, opportunities, and support they need to reach their greatest potential as safe, responsible, productive, and caring members of their families and communities.


The Mission of the Covenant is to mobilize the greater Camden County community to advance child, youth, and family well-being through planned and intentional collaboration and concrete actions and outcomes. The Covenant activities are focused on three areas with specific goals:

1) Early Childhood Success which has the goal that all children will enter school being safe, healthy, happy, and ready to learn;

2) Positive Youth Development with the goal that all school-age children and youth will be at home, in school, on track, and connected to their community;

3) Strong Families, Strong Communities which focuses on the goal that every family and every neighbor will have the skills, resources, and motivation to successfully raise their children, our children from birth to adulthood.


This RFP strives to address these areas which are further detailed under eligible services. The focus areas of this RFP are Early Childhood Success, Positive Youth Development and Strong Families, Strong Communities. CPAC strongly encourages collaborative efforts among service providers. Favorable consideration will be given to applicants who adhere to this request. The specific extent and character of the prevention services to be performed shall be subject to the general control and approval of CPAC.


Target population:

The target population is Camden County children and families who are in need of human services assistance to prevent child abuse and neglect and improve their quality of life.

Services will be dispersed throughout Camden County with particular attention to the Lindenwold/Pine Hill/Winslow/Pennsauken/Cherry Hill/ Gloucester Township/Camden City Municipalities.


Anticipated Impact:

  •  Reduced child abuse and neglect in Camden County.

  •  Increased community awareness and involvement in the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

  •  Integrate trauma-informed care (TIC) and adverse childhood experience (ACE) into prevention programs.

  •  Increased parenting skills to support child maximum developmental achievement.

  •  Enhanced supports to families related to family resilience and self-sufficiency.

  •  Reduced family isolation, increased access to support system and network.

  •  Increased protective factors to prevent youth negative behavior system.

  •  Increased supportive services to keep youth safe during non-school hours (afterschool/weekend/summer).

  •  Youth develop positive behavior and resilience to successfully transition to adulthood.

  •  Increase the number of family engagement activities in all prevention programs.

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