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Creating Community Solutions

Our MISSION:  The Community Planning & Advocacy Council advances social, racial, and economic justice to promote successful individuals, strong families, and thriving communities.

Our VISION:  All individuals and families in greater Camden County live in communities that are strong and compassionate, protect the quality of life of their residents, and promote social, racial, and economic justice.


Advocacy is our middle name.

As an independent 501©3 non-profit organization that plans, advocates and coordinates the County’s human services programs, C.P.A.C. serves as the Camden County Human Services Advisory Council. In this capacity, C.P.A.C. works with over 300 social service agencies, health agencies, and numerous public and private organizations.  C.P.A.C. serves as a catalyst in addressing area social problems and creates solutions that meet community needs.

C.P.A.C. convenes the community to plan around specific target populations and systems coordination; conducts procurement processes for local, state, and federal government funds; provides continuous quality improvement through monitoring and evaluation of funded services and data management information systems.

C.P.A.C. creates community solutions under the framework of the Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth, and Families by mobilizing the greater Camden County community to advance child, youth, and family well-being through planned and intentional collaboration and concrete actions and outcomes.  C.P.A.C.’s methodology includes: Lifting the community voice in planning and advocacy; promoting coordination and collaboration in service delivery systems; focusing on strength-based approaches and ensuring equitable access and eliminating implicit bias.


C.P.A.C. administers, has oversight and/or plans for several Camden County resources: i.e.,  The Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC), the Community Leadership Advisory Council, The Homeless Network Planning Committee (HNPC), the Children’s Inter-Agency Coordinating Council (CIACC), the Management Assistance Program (MAP), the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Senior Companion Program (SCP) for Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties, and the Camden County Council for Young Children (CCYC).  In addition to providing health planning and advocacy, C.P.A.C. also regionally administers the Southern New Jersey Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) for Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties for homeless prevention.

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