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Management Assistance Program (MAP)






What is MAP and why was it developed?

The Management Assistance Program (MAP) is an administrative initiative developed in 1986 by the NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Youth and Family Services to establish county-level partnerships with Human Services Advisory Councils, local United Ways, and County Governments.


MAP is designed to provide human service organizations with enhanced managerial and administrative skills to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of services.


MAP uses Human Service Performance Standards that enable organizations:

  • to internally evaluate their own level of performance

  • to develop planning skills

  • to prepare for review by a variety of assessment teams

  • to ensure that they are effectively providing services 


MAP may be used by human service organizations as:

  • an organization’s primary planning and self-evaluation guide

  • an organization’s annual performance plan which may serve as an RFP or provide data to complete an RFP

  • technical assistance service for organizations enabling them to maintain high standards of professional practice

  • a common process for monitoring, evaluating, and planning through which funding entities and Human Services planning bodies may assess a service organization’s performance

  • a valuable tool to train and inform volunteer leadership and governing board members on a broad range of organizational matters.


 How does the MAP process work?

  • Organizations have their managers, governing board members, supervisors, and staff participate in the process of collecting MAP documentation and completing the MAP application.

  • The MAP application is reviewed by a community review team led by a CPAC staff member.  Review Teams may do actual on-site observation or a desktop review.

  • Review Team reviews documentation for each standard and rates each.

  • Review Team shares findings with the CPAC.

  • The agency receives a letter summarizing their MAP application review and is provided a MAP score which is good for 3 years.

  • Agencies do an “Annual Completeness Package” to remain MAP compliant. This is a yearly update of critical agency documentation supplied to CPAC.


What does the MAP process assess?

There are 7 Performance Planning and Assessment System Components:

  • Administration

  • Planning

  • Program

  • Community Relations

  • Finance

  • Property & Equipment

  • Compliance


Who uses the MAP scores and why is MAP important?

The Human Services Performance Standards may be used by organizations funded by Federal, State, County, City, United Ways, and private foundation grantors. 

In Camden agencies that apply for County Human Service Grants, Social Services for the Homeless/TANF, Emergency Solutions Grant, Mental Health, and Federal FEMA dollars MUST be MAPped.  The MAP score is up to HALF of an agency's overall proposal score of 200 points.


The Fee for a 3-Year MAP Term:

  • Three-Payments of $1,000;

    • $2,500 if paid in full for a 3-year term.

    • A fee of $250.00 is assessed every year for the Completeness Package needed to maintain compliance with your score. 

    • Organizations holding existing National Accreditation (such as COA, JCAHO, etc.) will incur only a yearly fee of $300 (see below).

$1000 1st year
$1000 2nd year
$1000 3rd year

$3,000 for a 3-year MAP term



When paid

in full for a

3-year term

(save $500)



Accreditation Agency MAP Documents

If your agency has a current national accreditation (e.g. JCAHO, COA, etc.) this will serve as part of the MAP evaluation process along with the following documents and submission fee of $300:

  • Copy of Organization's current accreditation

  • Most recent Annual Audit

  • Mission Statement

  • Organizational Goals and Objectives

  • Organizational Chart (including local Board of Directors)

  • Organization's Brochure(s)

  • Fee of $300


For more information on the MAP program, including how to utilize MAP services, or how to become a MAP volunteer, call 856.663.3998, ext. 222.

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