The Community Planning & Advocacy Council is a 501©3 non-profit organization.
Our mission is to advance social, racial, and economic justice, promote successful individuals, strong families, and thriving communities.  C.P.A.C. was founded in 1938. Our tagline is "Creating Community Solutions."

  • Create community solutions by partnering with 300 social service agencies, health agencies, and numerous public and private organizations.

  • Convene the community to plan around specific target populations and systems coordination; conducts procurement processes for local, state, and federal government funds; provides continuous quality improvement through monitoring and evaluation of funded services and data management information systems.

  • Provide health planning and advocacy in the Greater Camden County and South Jersey Regions

  • Serve as the Camden County Human Services Advisory Council. In this capacity, plans, advocates and coordinates the County’s human services programs.

  • ​Regionally administer the Southern New Jersey Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) for Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties for homeless prevention.

  • Lift the community voice in planning and advocacy by; promoting coordination and collaboration in service delivery systems, focusing on strength-based approaches, ensuring equitable access, and eliminating implicit bias

  • Create community solutions under the framework of the Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth, and Families by mobilizing the greater Camden County community to advance child, youth, and family well-being through planned and intentional collaboration and concrete actions and outcomes. 

  • Administer, oversee, and/or plan for several Camden County resources: i.e., 

    • The Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC), the Community Leadership Advisory Council, The Homeless Network Planning Committee (HNPC), the Children’s Inter-Agency Coordinating Council (CIACC), the Management Assistance Program (MAP), the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Senior Companion Program (SCP) for Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties, and the Camden County Council for Young Children (CCYC). 


Our actions and decisions today shape the  way we live  in the future.

1935 to 1938

From 1935 when a Rotary Club in Camden City appointed a committee to study the idea of organizing a Community Chest to raise funds for social service agencies in the area, to 1938 when the Camden County Coordinating Council was formed, CPAC earned its current tagline of “Creating Community Solutions.” 


By 1942, by way of a joint budget, this clearinghouse became known as the Council of Social Agencies responsible for social welfare activities for both public and private agencies to improve the quality of life in Camden County.

40’s, 50’s and 60’s 

CPAC continued to evolve through the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s addressing challenges through the civil rights movement and becoming instrumental in the design of local anti-poverty programs. Changing its name to the Council of Community Services and then incorporated in 1958 as the Health and Welfare Council, 501c3 non-profit status was secured. During the 1970’s United Ways absorbed planning councils into their organization. CPAC stayed an independent entity by venturing outside of the United Way Partners to include social activism. 

1978 and by 1981

CPAC continued to evolve, working with 50 agencies in 1978 and by 1981 CPAC/HSC continued to be an active United Way partner with 250 partner agencies strong and became a model in the nation. (Cited in President Regan’s Public Private Initiative Report)


Acting as a consistent consultant to Camden County government, in 1982 Camden County by resolution designated CPAC as the principal planning body for county-wide human services in all matters concerning the planning, coordination and review of such services. In this role CPAC planned, designed, administered and incubated programs on behalf of City, County, State and Federal government.


In 1988 Camden County privatized the Mental Health Board, giving CPAC oversight of 11 million dollars in Mental Health Funds; this oversight lasted for almost 30 years. By 1993 CPAC by way of New Jersey State Statute became the Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) serving on behalf of Camden County and solidifying a Private, State and County partnership.


1992 CPAC regionalized in a 5-county venture forming another 501c3 Health Visions, Inc. In collaboration with Rutgers University-Camden, Health Visions became the Local Advisory Board (LAB) for Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties. The LAB fulfilled its mission of regional health planning for nearly a decade until Local Advisory Boards were no longer thought necessary by the State of New Jersey.
CPAC continued to expand in regional presence, contracting with US Department of Housing and Urban Development as the Southern New Jersey Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) for Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland and Cape May Counties.  Collectively, the Continuum oversees $4.6 million dollars in funds annually in permanent housing, planning and services for people experiencing homelessness.


Since 2009 CPAC has continued to promote Family Success through the framework of the Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth and Families as well as regional presence as the SNJCoC. Never wavering from lifting the community voice in welfare reform, racial inequities and social injustices, CPAC honors our past as a flagship organization identifying priority populations, cross-cutting issues and making recommendations on how to improve service delivery systems. Camden County continues the partnership with CPAC and recognized The Covenant for Children, and adoption of the Camden County Bill of Rights for Children, Youth and Families by way of Resolution in 2009. 

From humble beginnings, this public, private and government model created over 60 years ago is still standing strong as the Human Services Advisory Council on behalf of Camden County showing that indeed “we do it better together.”